This article is a synthesis from the french article. In this article, we will see how to install AW’s WRD Rcon. This tool allows to send commands on a dedicated WRD server. He’s developed using PHP, HTML and Javascript and that’s why we will need a server to host the API. You can install AW’s WRD Rcon on a remote server and a local server.

To use this tool, you need allow Javascript and cookies in your browser. This tool is full optimized for Mozilla Firefox, a little less for others. And not for Internet Explorer (or EDGE), sorry. Watch the compatibility in the french article.

Set your Server managing to PUBLIC

With the 1.0 version, AW’s WRD Rcon can switch betwin two modes : Public and private. Public mode allow make a servers list that you want share. To set your AW’s WRD Rcon Public mode, in ini.php file, set the $AWRcon_is_public variable to true and fill the $liste_serveurs array with your servers infos :

  • ‘Nom’ : Name of your server. This value set the server name in game lobby too.
  • ‘URL’ : WEB address to join the server admin.
  • ‘IP’ : IP of your dedied server (+ip)
  • ‘Port’ : Port to join the server by Rcon. This port is same you put in line command to start your Wargame server. (+rcon_port)
  • ‘MdP’ : Passwor to connect by Rcon. This value is same you put in line command to start your Wargame Server. (+rcon_password)

Example :

public function liste_serveurs(){
       $liste_serveurs = array();
       $liste_serveurs[] = ['Nom' => 'Serveur Wargame #1','URL' => 'http://localhost/WargameServer',
                            'IP' => '', 'Port' => '1977', 'MdP' => 'pswtest'];
       $liste_serveurs[] = ['Nom' => 'Serveur Wargame #2','URL' => '',
                            'IP' => '', 'Port' => '1978', 'MdP' => 'pswtest2'];
       $liste_serveurs[] = ['Nom' => 'Tanks Fight','URL' => '',
                            'IP' => '', 'Port' => '1979', 'MdP' => 'pswtest'];
       return $liste_serveurs;

AW’s WRD Rcon install

  1. Download AW’s WRD Rcon API from this URL.
  2. Unzip and upload API on remote (or local*) server.
  3. Go to API tree and set the password in ini.php file.
  4. In your browser, go at the address where is installed the API
  5. Enter the password and submit.

That’s all 🙂

* If you want to use AW’s WRD Rcon on local server, you need to install EasyPHP. Unzip the API in


then, go at http://localhost in your browser.


AW’s WRD Rcon is an open source API. So, it’s really easy to update your self when new maps get out.

How to update ?

In API tree, find maplist.php file. This file contains an array where are stored all maps. Each map is represented by a line :

"2x3_Hwaseong" => ["L'Hiver Nucléaire arrive",1],
"2x3_Hwaseong" // The map name in program
["L'Hiver Nucléaire arrive",1] // literal map name and number of players for this map.

To add a new map, add a new line with this pattern, save the maplist.php file and upload on the server. If you want, il can too add the picture for the new map. The picture name must have same the name in program (2x3_Hwaseong f.e.). Then upload the picture in folder named maps (in the API tree). The file extension must be .jpg.

With this file, you can to translate maps names. 🙂 Since the version 0.6, maps name are translated in maplist.php file. To add a new language for maps, add a new array in $maps array like :

$maps['RU_ru'] = array(

        "2x3_Esashi" =>             ["Tonnerre Tropical",1],


Two translations are already in the API (Frensh and English). In ini.php file, set the $langage variable to your language.

If you want add a new translation :

  1. Create a new file named RU_ru.php in langage folder (for Russian here).
  2. Copy all content from FR_fr.php file and paste in RU_ru.php file.
  3. Rename the class. Since version 0.4, no needs to rename the class.
class RU_ru {
  1. Translate termes to your language.
  2. Then go to ini.php file and set the language variable with the new. (Now, for each language, a code lines is written. Comment those that you don’t want).
// Choix du langage (FR_fr, EN_en, DE_de)
   public $langage = 'RU_ru';

That’s all 🙂

For more, you need learn french language and read the original article 😉

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